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Tax Return Filing

It is mandatory to submit an annual tax return copy to the government for personal income tax, Corporate income tax, custom duties etc. Tax return has to be submitted within Tax day after the end of the income year.

Our firm shall be happy to provide the following services in regard to tax filing:

  • Assist in determining the prescribed form for the individual taxpayer.
  • Assist to file supporting documents
  • Our professional tax specialists can assist to submit tax under universal self-assessment so that when a file gets audited, there are no mistakes leads to penalties.
  • Assist the client in compiling the documents required for filing of the individual income tax return. This includes amongst others the salary statement, bank statements, life insurance policy, copies of the bond or debentures, rental agreement for income from land, house and property, income statement for proprietorship income, capital gain income supporting documents etc.
  • Assist in making the application for extension of tax return submission.
  • Assist in identifying whether or not any individual taxpayers fall under the category where he or she has to submit their tax return.
  • Assist in submission and preparation of taxes online so that the client gets the additional investment rebate.
  • Assist clients with the calculation of taxable income
  • Providing clients with necessary statements summarizing their tax liabilities
  • Assist clients to create their business plans and minimize tax liability
  • Assist clients to answer the queries raised by the tax authority while submitting the tax return under Normal assessment.
  • Advise on taxpayer’s investment to get the maximum tax rebate while filing of their tax return.
  • Advise on the minimizing of the tax surcharge by rearrangement of wealth.
  • Advise the client on how to properly mention his assets, liabilities and lifestyle expenses so that they do not face any difficulties during audit time.

Accounting Services

Branch Office

Once we get all the documents we prepare and submit the return on behalf of the client and also attend any queries that the tax authority may have on the return.